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Testimonials by iEARN SL Youths


iEARN Program For
Education And Technology
Flat 1, National Stadium Hostel
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Phone: 00232-33-265529


Heartfelt Thanks & Gratitude!
World Computer Exchange, with support from LGen Romeo Dallaire, have donated 75 computers to iEARN SL! Click here to learn more!

iEARN SL's New Album "Next Next Generation" is released! Special thanks to Woodcraft Folk UK and Children's Music Network USA! Click here for video and click here to see youth in action!

Wireless Thanks!
Thank you Peer 1 and Multinet for your wireless donation.

You can help iEARN SL continue these efforts!

Connecting Youth . . . Making a Difference

What We Do

iEARN Sierra Leone serves and rehabilitates youths who have suffered from war and war's effects. To accomplish this, we have a two-fold mission: to directly rehabilitate Sierra Leonean youths through education and exchanges, and to promote peace education in schools, both in Sierra Leone and all over the world.

iEARN SL's rehabilitation program engages youths in creative writing, music, drama, computer skills and literacy, filmmaking, and fine arts.

A supportive environment with a heavy emphasis on counseling is offered through our three iEARN centers. Furthermore, youths get the opportunity to visit with other youths in Sierra Leone and around the world through school visits, cultural exchanges, and exchanges via the internet. Since its inception, iEARN SL has offered possibilities for over 850 war affected youth and school going children to participate in global issues and has given them a powerful forum for letting their voices be heard beyond the confines of Sierra Leone.

iEARN SL's peace education promotion program works directly with the government of Sierra Leone to introduce and maintain peace education in Sierra Leone's school curriculum. iEARN SL recognizes that the youth who have suffered from war and war's effects need special tools and skills in order to transform their lives, their communities and their country.

See iEARN SL in action through a short video accompanied by our latest youth-produced song, "Next Next Generation."

iEARN-Sierra Leone is a member of the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN).


IEARN Sierra Leone is a registered Non Governmental Organisation under the Youth Education and Sports Ministry as a 501(C)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organisation.