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GCE Workshop in Sierra Leone

iEARN Youth Launch Album, "Next Next Generation"

Youth Millenium Development Project

TakingItGlobal/iEARN SL Training

iEARN SL a finalist: Global Junior Challenge

Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

iEARN SL's Second Album to be Released

Youth Producers from Listen Up! Capture Peabody Award

2006 UNFPA State of the World Report

iEARN SL Students "Best New Group in the World"

Digital Media Project May 5th, 2006

Africa Now: Untold Stories March 11/12, 2005

Kono Music Outreach March 2 - 4, 2006

Visit by Principal of WH Day School

iEARN Introduction to Journalism Workshop

iEARN Girls Workshop

Moving to the Beats/Mobilizing Youth

Summer School Certification Program


iEARN Program For
Education And Technology
Flat 1, National Stadium Hostel
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Phone: 00232-33-531251
Fax: 00232-22-224439

GCE Workshop in Sierra Leone- March 16-18 2009

19 Educators perticipated in the Global Connection and Eexchange (GCE)Workshop from two provinces (Bo, Kono) and Freetown where the workshop was held.The workshop was organized to build the capacity of iEARN-Sierra Leone Educators as to enable them participate in iEARN Projects, contribute to the colaboration center and to engage their students in iEARN Projects locally and how these young people can share their project with the rest of the world online. These Educators are amaised by the new experience in educating them to another level.

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iEARN Youth Launch Album, "Next Next Generation"- November 2007

Next Next Generation is the album title for the 2nd music compilation by iEARN's Positive Music Project (PMP). This title derives its origin from the 2007 World Bank Global Development Report in which iEARN played a key role in researching and documenting challenges youth face in gaining employment in Sierra Leone.

The music album has strong emphasis on issues of social justice and human rights with song titles such as ‘Drug Abuse,’ ‘Teenage Pregnancy,’ and ‘Respect Woman.’ Additionally, the young artists have been able to show the positive things in their lives. Their music is hoped to influence attitudes and bring about positive changes in society.

The PMP Team will release the album on November 24th on a commercial venture with the hope of gaining support for their education through patron donations, ticket and CD sales, and generous pledges. iEARN music artists have received awards from such organizations as the BBC and have hosted past concerts with attendance of over 800 people. They have had several appearances on radio and stage, in various social gatherings, and have been showcased at the UN Peace Concert in 2005. More info may be found at the ‘War Don Don’ website located at: http://www.myspace.com/positivemusicproject

More info and photos may be found here.

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Youth Millenium Development Project
Freetown, Sierra Leone - July 2008

The Youth Millennium Development project is an iEARN Sierra Leone effort for youth to participate in sharing knowledge about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that can foster growth and development in their lives. The initiative is for every youth between the ages of 10 – 25 in every country of the world to discuss what they feel about important global problems and create a local project (Plan of Action) in response to these issues. A plan of action can be any plan addressing a global issue that is highlighted by the MDG. It can be large or small lasting one day to one year.

The plan of action is then carried out by the youth as a group. Each group is matched with four (4) group companion groups in other countries such as the following:

• Vietnam
• Estonia
• Vancouver
• Tanzania
• Azerbaijan
• Afghanistan
• Sierra Leone
• Liberia

iEARN SL is seeking adults who can assist youth as facilitators. Adult facilitators may be teachers, youth leaders, parents or other members of the community. The role of facilitators is to provide support for an empowering and positive experience.

The Youth Millennium Development project is open to youths in school groups involving recreational sports, environment and educational clubs; are all invited to participate. Groups can be small or large, such as two friends, a youth club, a class or a whole school.

Interested groups and schools are encouraged to contact project faciliatators Andrew Greene at andrewgreene_c21st @ iearnsierraleone.org and Mohamed Sidique Dabo at maidabo @ iearnsierraleone.org.


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ICTs, Leadership, and Entrepreneurial Training Organized by TakingItGlobal (TIG) with iEARN Sierra Leone
Freetown, Sierra Leone - October 2007

As iEARN SL bridges the digital divide in post-conflict Sierra Leone, greatly needed training of various youth groups was organized by TakingItGlobal (TIG) at iEARN resource center. The training, which took place from the 4th - 14th September, 2007, engaged various youth groups/organizations like YEDEM SL, Peace Links, Children’s Forum Network (CFN), and a handful of iEARN youths bringing the total of 20 youths. TakingITGlobal, an organization that deals with youth empowerment and issues of global concern like the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), worked with iEARN to see the success of this training.

ICT Basics training was done by one of iEARN’s youth volunteers, Brima Lakoh. This training encompassed basic ways to navigate through the Windows programs and the internet.

ICTs and Leadership was taught by Mohamed S. Dabo – iEARN’s long standing volunteer and one of the Youth Coordinators. This training involved basic principles of ‘Who is a Leader: Characteristics and Role Models in our Communities.’ Workshops were held during the training as a way for the youths to get involved in leadership roles and discuss global issues through Information Technology.

iEARN SL’s director, Andrew B. Greene, lent a hand in dealing with ICTs and Entrepreneurialism. This training showcased ways of getting resources through Information Technology and also highlighted ways to manage organizations and business plans; it was followed by mini-workshops.

TIG has been a household at iEARN, with both Dabo and Greene having been members of TIG. TIG’s director, Sylvanus Murray, who made sure that the contract and technical support were met, has enjoyed a long standing good relationship with iEARN Director and the iEARN program. They both facilitated a 3 days interactive forum that led to the WSIS program in Geneva, Switzerland a few years ago.

At the end of the training, a short statement was made by the director acknowledging the youths and all those who made the training possible, as they (youths) have taken a bold step to empower themselves. Fredrick Conteh, Youth Leader of iEARN resource center, was greatly applauded for his immense role in meeting deadlines. The ceremony climaxed with photos taken with the participants, TIG and iEARN SL directors, and the staff of iEARN- SL.

More photos


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iEARN Sierra Leone is a finalist in 2007 Global Junior Challenge
Rome, Italy - October 2007

iEARN SL is a finalist in the "up to 18 years" category of the 2007 Global Junior Challenge award, held this year in Rome, Italy.

The Global Junior Challenge is a global award promoted by the Digital World Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by the Municipality of Rome and six major ICT companies. The intention of the award, dedicated to young people and to schools, is to identify and reward best practices on the use of new technologies in education and training of youngsters.

iEARN SL's project, Closing The Digital Gap Amongst Children and Youth Emerging from Wars, provides internet access and ICT skills to Sierra Leone youth. The Internet access provided by iEARN's child soldier project allows many young people in Sierra Leone to come into contact with other young people across the world. They can exchange ideas about peace issues with people of the same age from all over the world. Children affected by the war can become ambassadors for peace by exchanging their ideas with other people of the same age from all over the world by means of telecommunication. This does not just promote learning, but also social justice, and it inspires a positive exchange because child victims of war can play a significant role in creating peace in their own villages and towns.


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iEARN Sierra Leone Participates in The Global Week of Action Against
Gun Violence, 11-17 June 2007

The Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence runs from 11-17 June 2007. IANSA members in around 50 countries are joining together to raise awareness about the human cost of gun violence and small arms proliferation. Events will include rallies, media work, publication launches and vigils.

As part of iEARN Sierra Leone activities for the week are:
*a Press Release
*songs and campaigns against the spread of small arms
*debates and discussions led by women of Sierra Leone, headed by Memunatu Barrie
*video coverage of the activites
*radio discussions
*Art and creativity by youth dipicting the dangers of small arms

See video of one of the gun viole


nce presentations by iEARN SL youth.

Stay tuned for a forthcoming report by the Women of iEARN Sierra Leone and the Girls Club.


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iEARL SL's Second Album, "Next Next Generation" to be Released

In collaboration with Woodcraft Folk UK, iEARN SL will be releasing its second album, "Next Next Generation," a collection of songs by Sierra Leonean youth on topics relevant to youth and today's world. More information will be forthcoming as this project develops. Donations to help further the project are dearly appreciated - please visit the Donate page to find out how you can help.

See photos of our young and talented musicians in action! (Best read in Adobe Reader. Download the reader here.)

See our video highlighting the title track "Next Next Generation."


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On the 7th September, 2006, ICT tutor Mohamed S.Dabo, students and staff of iEARN Sierra Leone, and Director Andrew B. Greene were invited to participate in the UNFPA STATE OF THE WORLD POPULATION SYMPOSIUM; ON THE THEME: “A Passage to Hope – Women and International Migration”. Various speakers from the government of Sierra Leone, Diplomatic Corps, NGO’s, Youths, the Vocational Institute for Women, members of the press, citizens and a cross section of students from different schools attended the launching of the report.

Significantly, the speakers addressed topics such as “Why Do We Migrate,” “International Migration and the Millennium Goals” and “Women in Developing Countries;” these topics are particularly relevant to Sierra Leone – a postwar-weary country with issues of inequality in the distribution of natural resources.

Highlighting these issues, a commissioned paper was presented at the Youth symposium by Mr.Ibrahim Mohamed Sesay from the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning as a domestication of the UNFPA State of the World Population Report 2006. The views expressed were not necesssarily those of the government of Sierra Leone.


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Broadcasting's highest honor, the George Foster Peabody Award , is going to Listen Up! and our network of youth producers around the
world, for "Beyond Borders: Personal Stories from a Small Planet." The series introduces short documentaries that explore unique visions of
what it is like to grow up in different lands, under different social
and economic conditions. Beyond Borders premiered on the Independent
Film Channel throughout 2005-2006 as part of IFC's Shorts Showcase.

Through a groundbreaking distribution partnership, Listen Up! and IFC
negotiated an exciting new venue for youth media from all across the

The "Beyond Borders" project includes youth production teams from
House of Frame (New York, NY), iEARN Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone),
Children's Voice (Ukraine), Polimorfo (Colombia), Evanston Township
High School (Evanston, IL), Sawtona "Our Voice" (Jordan), Roses
Theater (United Kingdom) La Camioneta (Guatemala), Daejeon Media
(South Korea) Light House (Charlottesville, VA), and Spy Hop
Productions (Salt Lake City, UT).

Listen Up! shares this high honor with our global youth media
community; we are so proud to usher youth voice into a new frontier of
excellence in Electronic Media.


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The BBC World Service programme 'The Beat' recently featured an interview with Rashid Peters of iEARN Sierra Leone about his teenage refugee band, BUMP. Rashid performed the song, "No War," as a delegate from iEARN-Sierra Leone at the iEARN Annual Conference in Slovakia in 2004. Their music can be found at


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May 5th 2006

Digital Media Project
with British Film-Makers/Writers

On May 5th, film-makers Jon Robson and Murray Clark, together with writer Matt Stephenson, visited Freetown to work with young people in iEARN Sierra Leone on a major digital media project: developing children's skills and helping them to tell their stories. Another bi-product is, of course, building real, lasting links between Hull, a remote city in the east of England and Freetown, another equally remote in the west of Africa. They had heard about iEARN Sierra Leone's effort in using digital technology and are here to assist. They will also be helping with setting up of the music studio at some point.


Jon Robson - Hull based film-maker Jon Robson has been involved in many projects working with young people in Hull and East Yorkshire, The Seychelles, Ethiopia and The Navajo & Hopi reservations in the US, using film and new media to develop ICT and communication skills.

Matt Stephenson - Writer and journalist Matt Stephenson has many years of experience as a feature writer, columnist, editor and publisher and has also performed readings of his own creative work at Hull, Huddersfield and Ilkley literature festivals.

Murray Clark - Media / film specialist Murray Clarke has had 18 years involvement in media education and the arts. He has a wide range of skills and experience in the research, development and production of audio & visual projects.

Andrew Greene Jr - As Founder and Director of iEARN Sierra Leone, Andrew has overseen the successful implementation of the Foreign Affairs-funded project 'No War Zone,' a humanitarian youth program pioneered by War Child Canada. He has led workshops worldwide, from Beijing to Washington, to share his vision of using information and communications technology to promote peace-building amongst children and war-scarred youth. He has earned multiple awards, citations and bursaries for his peace-building efforts and internet-based innovations.

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March 11/12 2005

Africa Now: Untold Stories

The Canada Fund for Africa, CIDA, and Carleton University's School of Journalism and Communication were host to the conference on March 11 and 12, 2005, entitled "Africa Now: Untold Stories". The conference brought together young Africans and Canadians, media practitioners and development experts working on the continent to provide their perspectives on some of the most difficult challenges facing African youth today: HIV/AIDS, the environment, war-affected youth, and childhood development in refugee camps. The conference examined the role of the media in reporting on these issues. The keynote speaker was Lt.-Gen. (retired) Roméo Dallaire, Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard University. Moderators and panellists include: Allan Thompson, Associate Professor, Carleton School of Journalism and Communication; Alexandre Trudeau, Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker and Chair of the Board of Canada World Youth; and Ken Wiwa, Globe and Mail columnist. The audience were invited to participate in question and answer sessions with speakers and panelists.

Click here for photos.

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March 2-4 2006

Kono Music Outreach Program

iEARN SL musicians were in Kono to highlight through their songs the very crucial issues facing Sierra Leone youth today. They were accompanied by iEARN Sierra Leone youths from the Girls Club and Gender, who met with several other young girls in Kono to share experiences, make friends and debate on key issues. One of the major topics for the debate was 'Education is better than Early Marriage'. On the night of arrival, the team of artists was greeted by many youth from Kono who spread a welcome mat for their Freetown colleagues, treating them to great hospitality. The radio discussions at the Kono Radio Station were quite impressive and drew the attention of thousands of listeners who heard the songs, spoke in a phone conversation to the artists, and felt inspired by the messages. Youths enjoyed great camaraderie and excitement in meeting people from different locations in Sierra Leone. Debate competitions continued at Farchima Hall, where participants consisted of schools and youth groups in Kono and their counterparts from Freetown. The most exciting part of the event was during the night of the music performances, which drew the attention of hundreds of youth in the Kono community. Much fine talent was displayed and appreciated. To see photos of the event, click here.

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September 24, 2005

iEARN Sierra Leone Summer School Certification Program

iEARN Sierra Leone concluded a summer school ICT and Computer Certification ceremony held in Freetown.

The ceremony marked the climax of a three-month successful completion of ICT training for youth. The event occured on Saturday the 24th of September, 2005, where iEARN Sierra Leone issued certificates to 60 youth and students in the Freetown Municipality in a grand ceremony. The youth who have successfully completed a three-month summer school training (in computer programs ranging from Introduction to Windows, Microsoft Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel) were happy to receive Certificates of Merit.

Since 1999, iEARN Sierra Leone has helped youth in the area of ICT to gain life-skills and address social issues, and is the sole non-profit educational institution in the Sierra Leone area dealing with online interaction.

Several personalities spoke at the event including longtime iEARN SL friend and board member, Mohamed Pa-Momo Fofanah. Mr. Fofanah is also a Barrister and Solicitor, the 2004 Reebok Human Rights Award Winner, and former Director of Defence for Children International Sierra Leone. Also present were: Mr. John Lahai, CEO of Sierra Leone Youth Empowerment organization (SLEO); Mr. Bockarie Enssah, President of the Common Wealth Youth organization in Sierra Leone; and Mr. Sylvanus Murray, Coordinator of Taking It Global Sierra Leone and teacher representing the Principal of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School.

Click here to read the complete report of the ceremony.

Click here for more pictures from the ceremoney.

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October 1, 2005

iEARN Introduction to Journalism Workshop

Made possible by a two and a half thousand dollar grant from Voluntary Services Overseas, iEARN SL was able to host its first-ever Introduction to Journalism Workshop, and it was a resounding success. Students were able to discuss the meaning of journalism, media and its importance in Sierra Leone, corruption in journalism, and the importance of balanced reporting and journalistic integrity. Local newspaper reporter and editor, John Koroma, who works at a local paper called “Wisdom,” gave a lecture on journalism in print and electronic media. Also featured was a lecture by George Caulker, a television reporter from ABC news, the first privately owned television news station in Sierra Leone. Special thanks go to the Women’s Vocational Centre, an organization which employs and teaches underprivileged young women skills in business, cooking, batik and sewing; they catered a wonderful lunch.

This workshop is the first of six designed to impart journalistic skills to youth and encourage them to go into journalism as a career. Future workshops will include organization, creation, and distribution of a newsletter, current events reporting, and grammar with respect to Krio/English translation. Students who complete all six workshops will be awarded a certificate and possibly an internship.

Read more about the workshop here.

You can donate to help make these workshops possible! Click HERE to go to our donate page.

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September 17, 2005

iEARN Girls Workshop

iEARN SL hosted the first-ever Girls Workshop. About twenty-seven registered iEARN girls club members, dressed up in their finest African wear, gathered inside the local NGO for an informative afternoon of discussion, debate and activity. At the end of the day, they emerged with more confidence, more awareness, and more solidarity as women in Sierra Leone. Discussion and debate topics included: war-affected girls, gender roles, and empowerment for women. At the end of the workshop the girls performed a traditional Sierra Leonean dance and a short skit. Special thanks go to Miss Beatrix Kemba, President of the iEARN girls club, Lovetta Pratt, member of Sisters in Development, Women’s Vocational Centre in Freetown (an organization which employs and teaches underprivileged young women skills in business, cooking, batik and sewing), Gender Officer Joyce Johnson of UNDP and Ministry of Youth and Sport, iEARN SL's intern Heather Avery, Agnes K. Kamara, and others who participated in making this day a success.

Read more about the workshop here .

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November 2005

Moving to the Beats/Mobilizing Youth

In an unprecedented all-youth initiative, iEARN SL proudly launches the album "Moving to the Beats / Mobilizing Youth: Salone fo Go Befo." Salone fo Go Befo is Krio for 'Sierra Leone Must Progress,' and that is exactly what these youths are doing.

Please click here to read more about all the performers and their individual contributions.

Music has played a pivotal role both for talent sharing and as a therapeutic process in the lives of youth. Through the support of caring global citizens, iEARN SL have been able to put together 13 songs all done by youth. The songs are also simultaneously being featured in a video documentary done by the iEARN Sierra Leone filming crew, in collaboration with Talking Drum Studio, entitled "Search For Common Grounds in Freetown." The 13 songs address topics related to HIV/AIDS and the issue of children's rights (child soldiers) and peace.

On the 3rd of December, 2005, this album will be launched to coincide with an international peace concert in which many young artists have been short-listed. iEARN SL appreciates any assistance to help further the launch of this spectacular album: please click here to see how you can donate.

iEARN SL is grateful to War Child Canada, Talking Drum Studio, Ministry of Youth and Sports (for providing invitation letters for international participants), Mothers Against Military Advancement (MAMAS), Children's Music Network, Rappers United By Beating Aids (RUBBA), Act Alive, WH Day Elementary School Canada, iEARN Canada, and iEARN USA for their immeasurable assistance in this project.

You may hear selected songs from the CD at the www.childsoldiers.org website (be sure to download Real Audio).

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November 2004-

International Day of Youth (in PDF)

International Day of Youth (in Word)
September 2004-
Environmental Online (ENO) Tree Planting Day

Speech by Alimamy Sekou Bangura, Acting iEARN SL Coordinator

Speech by Franklin Koroma, Youth Facilitator

Speech by Franklin Mawendeh, Youths Project Animator

Song by the iEARN SL Positive Music Project
Summer 2004-

"New iEARN SL Centers Founded in Bo and Kono Regions" (in PDF)

"New iEARN SL Centers Founded in Bo and Kono Regions" (in Word)
March/April 2004 –

iEARN and the Plan Netherlands Rap4Rights Initiative
January 2004-

iEARN SL Attends the Hague International Model United Nations
October 2003-

iEARN SL Attends HIV/AIDS Workshop at US Embassy
July 2003 –

iEARN SL Attends the Africa-Canada Youth Symposium for Leadership and Development
April 2003 –

iEARN SL Wins ChildNet Award for Best New-to-the-Net