Plan Netherlands Rap4Rights Initiative

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This powerful and creative initiative is committed to a tireless global campaign of making the issue of children’s rights known. Using rap music and social activism, Plan Netherlands targets politicians and educates them about the need to restore the dignity of children, the rights of the child and the rights of humanity as a whole. In the process, participants are empowered to make a difference in the lives of others.

Rap4Rights Mascot

Under the title ‘Rap for Rights’ a number of 'rising' Dutch rappers travel to Africa, Asia and Latin America to make contact with children living in extreme circumstances. The rappers’ tour includes, among other countries, Indonesia, Honduras, and Guinea where they meet child workers, war affected youth, child soldiers, and youth gangs.

Plan Netherlands Rap4Rights Initiative sponsored a visit of Dutch youth to Sierra Leone from March 27th to April 3rd of 2004.

Rap4Rights Rappers in Sierra Leone

They met with youths of i*EARN Sierra Leone to collaborate, create music, and explore themes of hope, recovery, rehabilitation, trauma healing, HIV/AIDS, conflict resolution, human rights and peace building.

Dutch Rappers with youth of i*EARN

Mr. Ajibu Ajeebs Kabbah, Guidiance Councellor, who led his Music Group 'Peace Links', to the Hague Appeal For Peace Conference in 'The Hague' Holland was also Guest of Honour at the speacial meeting with Gaart Van Asbech 'Coordinator' Rap4Rights Plan Netherlands.

Ajibu Ajeebs Kabbah meets with Rap4Rights

Rapt audience
Full crowd

Rapping about children's rights

Aided and inspired by the famous Dutch Rap Artist RAMZTER from Holland, the I*EARN SL Music Team was treated to a scintillating display of Rap songs and took part in a unique musical session known as “Rap for Rights!”